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How to Make a Photo Slideshow For Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Putting together a slideshow for your blog is as easy as having access to a computer and internet connectionAccording to Blog Pulse on February 20th 2011, there were a recorded 156 million blogs on the internet. Approximately

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Netflix's New TV Interface Should Ease Search for Movies, TV Shows

The days of going into a video rental store, browsing for a good VHS or DVD by reading the back of the box and then taking it home are clearly over. There won't even be any company-owned Blockbuster's to visit next year.

But the days of browsing for something good to watch certainly aren't over, and Netflix wants to make it easier for you to find movies or videos that you might like. The streaming video company announced today a new look for its TV interface that will make it simpler for subscribers to find and browse content or make "smarter choices," as Netflix VP of Product Innovation Chris Jaffe says.

The new, more visual interface displays more information about the recommended movies or TV shows. It features three rotating images from the movie or TV show, a shorter synopsis and some other highlights that might interest you, including whether your friends have watched and whether the title has won any awards.

In short, it's a lot more than just a movie poster.

"It's about Netflix getting out of the way and letting the user connect with the movie or TV show," Jaffe said. "We've been testing with 200,000 users and the result is that they watch more."

More: Netflix Goes After Streaming Newbies With Netflix Families

The search function has also been updated to be more eye-pleasing. So instead of text-based results, you'll now see a visual grid of tiles. The kids-experience section has also been spruced up, making it easier for children to find videos with their favorite characters.

The new interface is also speedier, especially on lower-powered devices such as Blu-ray players and the Roku box.

The new Netflix TV experience will be available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, as well as on new Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and the Roku 3 box. It will begin rolling out today to some of those devices and be available globally in two weeks.

The new design won't, however, be available on the Xbox One or the Apple TV because those devices require different templates based on Microsoft and Apple's respective requirements.

But the new features are a notable part of the thriving company's strategy to get you to watch more and watch content you really like, no matter what device you are on.

"This is a TV-focused experience, though some of the high level themes could translate well to the apps and the websites," Jaffe said. "You shouldn't be surprised if we went in that direction."


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Create HTML form using lists and css/html

Why html lists to create html forms?

With this post i will take you through how to create html forms using HTML lists. It will be a form a system may use for data collection. For example it can be a registration form, contact form, login form, customer registration form or sales order form etc. It can be one of many forms that we have come across day to day browsing.

Web developers use various methods to code and apply design to html forms. HTML coders cut-up photoshop designs into tiny images and code them into css/xhtml layouts, Many web developers prefer using standard html tags to code html form. This post will demonstrate how to use HTML list with greater effect on buildin

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Web Hosting | Buzzle.com

10 Web Hosting Sites Like GoDaddy

Web hosting sites like GoDaddy

Reputed brands make an online presence through websites. Many use the services of web hosting companies, and none have been more successful than GoDaddy. If you want to know what its competitors offer, here, we give you some...

Web Hosting Vs. Domain Registration

Difference between web hosting and domain registration

Newbie webmasters might get confused when it comes to understanding the difference between domain registration and web hosting. This Buzzle article explains the difference between them in simple, non-technical language.

6 Popular Video Hosting Websites

Popular video hosting websites

Video hosting websites seem to be popping all over the Internet. This Buzzle article sorts through the many video hosting websites out there and brings you the most popular of the lot.

Shared Hosting Vs. VPS

The comparison presented in this article will help you make a choice between VPS and shared hosting. Keep reading ahead to know which would be the right choice among the two, according to your requirements.

Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

Every website must decide beforehand whether it wishes to opt for shared or dedicated hosting. Both methods have their pros and cons and this article will help you know about them.

Web Hosting Services

If you are wondering what web hosting is, then rest assured. In this Buzzle article, we tell you more about web hosting, including its different types.

An Overview of Web Hosting Technology

Web hosting is a service through which users can post web pages on the Internet. It provides the services and tools needed for websites to be viewed on the web.


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Richwood Archery/CSS Encore II OS-3.

The word "custom" is the most telling part of RichwoodArchery's Custom Shooting Systems (CSS) bows. You can customizenearly every feature of these bows. First, choose the length. I'lluse the Encore II as an example. It comes in axle-to-axle lengths of 33,35 and 37 inches. The bow assemblers at CSS use different length limbswith the same riser to achieve this range. The most popular size is 35inches, while the 37-inch model is the most stable and the 33 is themost portable.


Brace height also changes slightly with axle-to-axle length. The 33-inch bow has the lowest brace height (under 7.5 inches) and the 37-inch model has the highest brace

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Maria Menounos strips down to bikini in Times Square after losing Super Bowl bet

ByLaura Schreffler

Updated: 13:33 GMT, 7 February 2012

She may have lost a bet after the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI yesterday, but Maria Menounos definitely gained some new fans today.

The 33-year-old Extra host gamely stripped down to a tiny string bikini in Times Square this afternoon.

She had promised her Extra co-host Mario Lopez that she would wear a Giants bikini in the bitter New York cold if the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl.

She's game: Maria Menounos stripped down to a Giants bikini today in Tim</p>
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How to Build a Virtual 3D Car

There are many who are interested in build their own miniature cars with the help of 3D modeling software. Building such a car is one of the best ways to test your designing skills. There are many different software used for building a virtual car. A software like 'Alias AutoStudio' allows users to design automobiles. Open source or free software can also be employed for designing. Before you start with the actual process of designing, you should do a thorough research on the car you wish to design. There are many groups and forums on the Internet that might help you to understand how to build a virtual 3D car. Such online groups offer you the platform to interact with designers across the globe.

Building a Virtual Car

Professional designers and engineers make use of software programs to improve the design of cars; some of us indulge into designing just for fun. Before you start with the actual process of building a virtual 3D car, prepare hard copies of the design. You may come up with some interesting ideas about car-designing by holding brainstorming sessions with fellow designers. Ideas for improving the design of grills, tires, windshields and other parts of the car can be obtained from such sessions.

Steps in Building a Virtual Car

A step-by-step procedure for designing a virtual car with a computer-aided design CAD software is presented below.For designing a virtual car, you'll first need an image or a rough sketch to work on. Once you create the hard copies, the CAD software comes into play. A CAD software allows you to edit the design and customize it with the help of different features. In the process of editing, the first step is to create an outline of the car. The outline can be traced with the help of 'line' tool. In the next step, the 'extrusion' tool is used to convert the 2-dimensional image into a 3-dimensional one. The 'drawing' tool, meant for drawing different shapes, should be used to create a cylindrical shape - tire of the car. Four cylindrical shapes would be required to create 4 tires of your virtual car. You will have to adjust the size of these cylindrical shapes by means of the 'sizing' tool. The 'cut' tool allows you to trace the details such as windows, doors, windshield, etc. Once you trace the details, paint them with the 'color' tool.

A modeling software like Adobe Photoshop is used for adding different 'effects' to a design. However, you can also 'run' your virtual cars with the help of computerized simulations. It is also possible to test the car you have designed for aerodynamics; knowledge of an advanced level is needed to use such kind of software. You can make a car lighter and stronger by making necessary changes to its design (prototype).

How to Build a Virtual 3D Car Online

Building a car online involves the activity of customizing it with the help of options offered by the manufacturer of the car; a car is customized with tools offered by the manufacturer at his website. First, select the model of the car you want to customize. Use the tools that are offered on the website. Specify the color of the car, size of engine and other things which you need to upgrade. By following this procedure you can build a nice, customized car.

Nowadays, 3D modeling software are commonly used for the activity of designing a virtual car. Engineers and designers make use of a myriad of software to improve the design of cars. Choose a software that you find easy to work with and get going with the process of designing.